Online booking system for your website


Easy and flexible

  • Easy integration with your website
  • Promotion of your own rental shop (logo, contacts, pictures)
  • Branch network offering various rentals in different locations
  •  Ski and bike rental - online booking system
  • Diversified naming and number of rental categories
  • Rented skis - divided by categories or models
  • 6 languages


  • Grafik Datenbank der Verleih Modelle
  • Anpassbare Preistabellen
  • Variable Rabatt Gestaltung (Online Booking Rabatt)
  • Angebots Formeln (z.B. Wenn Eltern mieten, Kind Gratis)


  • Promo Code Management
  • Sale of equipment and cancellation insurance
  • Rental and booking managment with Back Office program
  • Automated invoicing system
  • Personalized Web Pos payment system with direct money transfer on your account through Wirecard
  • Interface to different rental programs
  • Yearly restructuring and update of website and booking system